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First Post [May. 24th, 2006|10:21 am]
The Roleplaying Haven
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::EDIT--I added to and changed the explanation of this community, with the hopes of clearing some stuff up...Hope it helps.

This Community is officially Members Only.  I encourage those interested in Roleplaying to view the Userinfo for Roleplay_Haven.  If it sounds like something you can get into, please feel free to click the join link.  I'd love to have as many members as we can get.

This is a new community, however, so please be patient while we are building (hopefully) a fan base.  If you are into the idea of this community, tell a friend.  Or ten friends.  Encourage people to join.
Always, feel free to comment to this post with questions or suggestions for how I can better explain the premise of the community.  I welcome questions.

For the ease of not clicking around, here is the same information as contained in the userinfo:

Ok, simple premise here. I wanted to create a community where Roleplayers could come to create play-by-post Roleplaying Games, without limiting the community to only one game, or only one genre/world.  The idea is to have multiple play-by-post games going at one time within the single community.  It probably seems stupid or pointless, but there are reasons why.  Read on...

The basic premise is this:  Anyone who joins the community intending to be a GM, or Gamemaster, should make their initial post in the community a "GM seeking players" post. Inside that post, include the genre(s) you are thinking of running, and whatever info you have on the world you wish to create.  Anyone reading the post who thinks, "I can get behind that" can leave a comment with the character idea they have. Then, once enough interested players have signed up to play, you can begin your game. The only thing I ask is that you keep your threads together. Individual games should use the following format...

Gamemaster Post (describes the situation/action of the NPCs)
-Player 1 leaves a comment, describing his actions/questions
-Player 2 leaves a comment, describing his actions/questions
-Player 3 leaves a comment, describing his actions/questions
-Player 4 leaves a comment, describing his actions/questions
-If need be, the GM or other players can respond to comments with their own comments.

The reason for this is to keep everything organized. If each GM makes sure that their posts include the name of their game, or the world they are running, (i.e. "Mike's D&D #3", "City of Death, Post 5" ETC.) then it is easy for each player to find their own game and check out the action, without having to scan through other people's games for twenty minutes looking for theirs.

Many people have asked why I thought a single community for multiple games was a good idea, especially since it is easy for anyone to make a journal or community for just one game.  Here are my thoughts.

1.  This is a place where people can come and share their games.  I encourage GMs to browse each other's games in search of new ideas, story-telling techniques, and just for entertainment.  It is not that often that one can run a game and watch others run at the same time.
2.  I would love to play in a game.  But I cannot bring myself to do a search for every community with the interest "roleplaying" and then sift through them one at a time.  Most of them sort of died out over a year ago, and right in the middle of a story!  If this community takes off, then games may come and games may go, but as long as one game is still running, the community itself is not dead.  And with the buliding of a larger fan base, it would make the search for a game (or the search for players for your game) much easier.  It would centralize the process.
3.  Some people don't know how to or don't want to make a journal/community to run a game.  I'm not one of those people, but I'm happy to make a place for those people to play.  Call me an enabler.

and lastly...


1. If you are an accepted player in a game, feel free to comment, as long as the GM has given out his intended play pacing. If you are not, don't. If you want to join a game, feel free to drop an email to the GM, or put a Comment in the GM's ORIGINAL "seeking players" post, NOT in his current middle-of-the-game post.

2. The concept of this community is to create a safe, members only place for RPers to come and do their stuff. That said, feel free to browse other people's posts for fun. Check out ideas and stuff, see play styles, etc. But don't invade other people's games with your own comments. If you do, I will warn you, then kick you. Or just kick you.

3. Please adhere to whatever format of commenting, playing, rolling dice, whatever, that the GM you are playing for lays out. I leave all that nonsense up to the GM him/herself. If you have problems, email me.

4. I'd like to try to keep as much of the posting as possible "in character". So, GMs and players alike, please try not to post to the community unless you are either posting a GM post, a seeking-players post, or saying/asking something vitally important. I will, myself, try to post OOC (out of character) only if it is pertinent to the community, or in some other way important.

5. I will do my damndest to keep from meddling in ANY way with anyone's world, but bear in mind that even I have my limit, and if you are being just too damn graphic (which would take a lot, with me) I will ask you to tone it down. There are plenty of communities that are for writing erotica, and this is not one of them.  Also, if there are scenes that may be inappropriate for certain ages, but not wholly over the top, please put it behind an LJ-cut with a warning for the content's "rating".

6. Not so much a rule, as a suggestion. if your post is long, which I expect they are apt to be, please use an LJ-cut.  This will make all posts smaller and easier to skim through when a player is looking for their game.  If there are ten games going on, that means that potentially a player in one game has to scroll through ten posts to find their own, each time.  LJ cuts and clear labelling will make that task easier for everyone.

7. Bear in mind that all this is subject to change, whim, or dictator-like iron fisted crushing, without warning, etc etc. we all know the drill. Let's just all have fun.